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How to make a lot more money from retargeting.

Retargeting is one of the “secrets” to internet marketing success at this moment in time. It’s the structural base for a lot of extremely successful marketing campaigns quietly making millionaires.

Most people will notice that the e-commerce site they just visited keeps offering the same product in the hope that they were interested, but forgot to buy last time they visited their site.
That’s vanilla retargeting. Stage one retargeting.

Internet marketers quickly realized that building and maintaining email lists values kept getting more and more expensive
, but that retargeting lists – “invisible lists” as they are called –  were cheaper to maintain.

Sending traffic to good, pure content, setting a retargeting cookie to build an invisible list and then pummeling that invisible list with offers is a more advanced retargeting strategy that works.
Consider that stage two retargeting

But… plain standard retargeting can be overloaded further.

Just as plain email lists can be segmented into more or less valuable lists based on user behavior you can create segmented retargeting lists. Based on user behavior on the pages that trigger the retargeting we can create segmented lists.
That’s would be stage three: “Behavioral retargeting”

Big word – it simply means that as a visitor consumes more of your content, his behavior gets him put into smaller and smaller retargeting lists of increasing value.
Behavioral segmentation has been an industry standard in email marketing for years – it just hasn’t been done with retargeting lists to the same extent.

We think it’s about time.

And we actually eat our own dog food.

In order to retrieve more value per customer we created a little tool to do this with Facebook retargeting that we call Retargnet:

A visitor that spends time and effort reading some  amount of an article gets moved into the “medium” retargeting list where each user is worth a lot more. (In fact… since you have read this far, you will have been retargeted and moved to a medium list already.)
If the visitor then reads the entire article and spends a substantial  time on the page he gets to be part of the most valuable “maximum” retargeting list.

This allows us to spend a lot more money on the visitors that are more likely to buy something and and the same time waste less time and money on the tire kickers. A visitor with a high engagement score is more invested in our content, and is much more valuable.

We actually spend 20 times more advertising money on “maximum” users than we spend on the users that just bounced by, and are therefore  making a lot more money with the same advertising budget.


This may sound forward, but we would like to know if you’d like a free, full version, no strings attached copy of the script that makes this Facebook behavioral retargeting voodoo work?

If you would like to download the free tool; please click here to go to the download page.