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New technology revealed: 

Swedish hacker creates artificial-intelligence bot-net that lets
e-commerce shops *profit* from the 
rising number of price-comparison customers.


Public research shows that approx. 80% of shoppers compare prices online before shopping in stores.

This is destroying the profit margins for a lot of online stores, but a small Swedish company has developed a way to benefit from the increase in price comparisons

This new technology creates at least two new strategic opportunities:

Undercut your competitors with razor thin amounts to steal every price comparison customer.


Make monopolistic profits the minute your competitors runs out of stock.

Constantly and immediately undercutting your competitors prices by micro-amounts will surely drive them crazy with frustration and most importantly; steal all the price comparing customers under their feet.

And then – adding insult to injury – the minute they accidentally run out of stock – taunt them by raising your prices and cashing in.

That doesn’t sound overly complicated does it?
So why isn’t this being done by everyone already?

Beautiful in theory.
Practically however,  this has been impossible until today.

Just keeping track of all the products on all competitors sites would be a couple of full time jobs for your average web shop.

But… we happen to know a very competent Swedish developer, who created software for a large e-commerce company that does exactly that. It uses Artificial Intelligence and bots (small pieces of software roaming the internet) with clever subterfuge to find your products (exactly the right product) on competitors’ sites, without your competitors knowing it by the way, check the price and availability on them all and compile a price report with any suggested edits highlighted every day. Or every hour.

A small army of spies – imagine the competitive knowledge you would gather.

The software is hard at work for a large e-commerce company right now, making them a pile of money.

And the reason we are telling you all of this; that same software is now available as a service to a few more customers. 
It’s not publicly available anywhere else other than from this page, and at this early stage it requires manual set up, so only a few new customers will be able to reap the benefits before their competition.
It’s a very complicated piece of software under the hood.

First come, first served. We will only be able to help a few clients this year.


If you are interested, give us your email, and we will contact you.
We will not put you on some automatic email spam list – we will ask the guy who came up with the idea and wrote the software to send you a single email.

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